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1624 Locust St, 5th floor

Philadelphia, PA 19103 

Adam J. Baldwin

Office number: (267) 435-8015

Direct cell: (610) 999-4090 

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  • Fairmount-Art Museum

    A cultural nexus that manages to feel uncrowded.

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  • Old City Society Hill

    A scenic, seamless blend of past and present.

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  • Rittenhouse Square

    A posh oasis in the midst of a gritty, hard-working city.

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  • Washington Park West

    A historic district with bohemian character.

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  • Ardmore

    A charming town with lively, urban vibes centered in the area’s beloved Main Line.

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  • Chestnut Hill

    Chestnut Hill is a residential gem set amidst the natural beauty of the Wissahickon Valley.

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